Mission of Koricha

KORICHA is an importer of African Crafts, baskets, art, artifacts, clothing and more from Africa.  As of November 2011, Koricha has supplied handcrafted worldstock baskets and artifacts to its customers for online purchase.  Koricha aims at bridging the gap between the cultures of Africa and the rest of the world by introducing the cultures of Africa through these products. 

Koricha currently stocks handcrafted baskets.  These baskets are made in Ethiopia in various designs, sizes, shapes and colors.  Most of these products have practical daily uses in the African community and through these artifacts we hope to show parts of the cultures. 

The Mission

Koricha works with women in Ethiopia directly to maximize their income and improve their lives by fighting poverty and helping create better communities. 

Koricha will primarily work with women as our weavers, artisans and suppliers and we will work to establish women’s cooperatives across Africa to support each other and their communities to further promote African women’s independence and self-sustenance by maximizing their income to improve their lives by fighting poverty.  The company’s goal is to work towards a better future for women, African communities and the world by promoting socially conscious behavior.