Chaltu Dadi is a 39 year old Ethiopian woman.  She has 3 children and a husband and lives in the Oromiya region of Ethiopia in the city of Sululta.  Chaltu has been making baskets since childhood and in her adult life uses it to support her family .  Her family also does some farming to support themselves.

" I use basket weaving as a supplemental income to support my family, my main income is from farming"
                                                               Chaltu Dadi



A 19 year old student, Mushirit Bikila spends most of her

time helping her mother around the home and on the farm including herding cows.  The remainder of her time is spent making baskets  to make a little extra money for her family.  Mushirit is very resourceful in her basket-weaving, when she is short of income.

Jerro Jirru is responsible for the well being of 8 family members, Jerro grew up weaving baskets.  Jerro is 70 years old and was taught by her mother how to weave baskets and makes baskets in her old age to contribute to her family's income.

"It can take me up to a week to make one large basket, I do it leisurely"
                                   Jerro Jirru