Circular Basket w/Pointed Lid - Red (sm)

Circular Basket w/Pointed Lid - Red (sm) Roll over image to zoom in
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Colors: Red & Natural Colors
Materials: Straw
Quantity: 1 basket , 1 lid
Dimensions:  3.5 inches H x  4.8 inches L x  4.8 inches W

Hand-woven from natural straw with vibrant natural dyes, this beautiful and intricately designed basket is woven by a skilled weaver in Ethiopia.  This is one of our smaller baskets and would be ideal for decorating your home or office or practical use for storage.  It would make a great gift. 

Traditionally used to store herbs, bread, and grain they are now used for decoration and more.  All our baskets are handcrafted and this may create slight variance in size and color between baskets of the same design.  On average it takes an artisan two days to weave this basket.

Ethiopian Basket

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